CHORKOR LAWYER! Jerry Ahmed Shaib is NEW CEO of Coastal Development Authority

Jerry Ahmed Shaib , a former Deputy CEO of the Coastal Development Authority, has been made substantive head.

He takes over form his former boss Samuel Attah Mensah, who left the job recently. Shaib’s appointment speaks to Section 3(1) of the Coastal Development Authority Act, 2017 (Act 961). He will however need some confirmation from the governing Board in consultation with the Public Services Commission.

Popularly known as CHORKOR LAWYER, he is a Lawyer by profession, and holds an MBA from the University of Ghana.

He was the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidate for Ablekuma South in the last elections; he lost to the NDC’s Alfred Oko Vanderpuije.

Shaib, a BA, LLB and MPhil holder, is also a board member Of The Special Olympics, and an Executive member Of the Ghana Olympics Committee.

NABCO will provide recruits experience for permanent jobs – Pius

Deputy Minister of Information, Pius Enam Hadzide says the Nations Builders Corp (NABCO) will equip beneficiaries with the requisite experience needed to earn them future permanent employment after their three years duration.

According to him, employers will have no issue dealing with graduates who are not only knowledgeable theoretically but practical as well.

“Most employers ask for years of experience before you are given a job to do. Some require two or three years’ experience whereas you’ve been home for eight to ten years, how do you get the experience? This is why we decided to introducing NABCO, so that it will give these people the needed experience” he told Accra based Okay Fm.

He added: “at least at the end of every month, these guys will have some money to leave on and they will acquire more skills, so before they come out of the program, they will look more refined and ready to impact the job market”.

Critics have also argued that the initiative is no different from the one currently under the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), making it a duplication of a sought.

President Akufo Addo yesterday, 17th October, 2018, commissioned the about 100,000 beneficiaries of the NABCO program at a ceremony held at the Black Star Square in Accra.

The recruits will receive a monthly stipend of GHc700.

President Nana Akufo-Addo at the passing out ceremony admonished the recruits not to consider the GHc700 stipend as free money but should work hard to earn it.

“You must bear in mind that government is investing some GH¢3 billion cedis of taxpayers’ money into this programme. Your monthly GH¢700 is not free money and you must earn every pesewa of it which I’m confident you’ll do,” he said.

By: Alex Semordzi

Kojo Preko Dankwa to Gabby Otchere-Darko

I read Gabby Asare Otchere Darko’s write up posted  on Facebook dated October 13th at 8:57 pm .  The love letter I choose to call  it , was well written I must say and  it’s  really provocative which tells me   the industry  needs much attention from all and sundry . There are some aspects of your write up that needs more critical attention not just from the creative Arts alone  but government as well since it plugs into the national agenda of development. Mr Gabby Otchere Darko, I will break your points and pick it one by one to elaborate and let you know why there is the need for government and your good self to help solve and have productive creative arts industry . It’s very interesting and sad  that your government  in projecting  most important initiatives ,creative arts did not qualify as part of the major  engines to drive the country’s unemployment and revenue making venture and development .  Gabby it’s also interesting to note that largely all manifestos of our political parties including yours always relegate creative arts at the end tail of manifestos and if we lucky we  get just two pages of  attention  .Gabby, is so sad to say the least  the attention given to creative arts.
In your submission you said “you took time to watch randomly ten Ghanaian movies and never felt so disappointed. This you said brought home to you, one major deficiency in our development. Gabby, is true and very right that  most movies you watched are   disappointing .it will be because largely the film industry has been left loose and no control of any sought . Gabby you should  find out and raise questions why it was  so difficult to just pass an Act that will guide ,protect ,and give proper direction to the film industry . If you care to know ,it was passed in 2016 after then president assent, on the 16th of December 2016; it is called the Development and Classification of Film Act, 2016 (Active 935).ln this Act ,is “to provide the legal framework for the production ,regulation, nurturing and the development of the Ghanaian film industry, and for the distribution,exhibition and marketing of films and for related matters” .Gabby let’s ask ourselves whether the system has been fair to the film industry after almost 28yrs (I stand to be corrected) of no show by the same politician refusal to implement and pass a bill.until it became an Act the the industry never saw guidance, protection from governments to help the industry grow .I think we should be ashamed of ourselves.
You again alluded to the fact that “Hollywood ,for the best part in a century ,has been deliberately used by America to push successfully cultural supremacy agenda and an effective instrument of military or economic indoctrination. Gabby Otchere Darko, you have really made my day by establishing these wonderful facts about what Hollywood has done.Did you say/write that Hollywood has been deliberately been used by America (Government) very well…this tells you how lazy, lack of vision,cheap political talk that has entangled our politicians and blinded them to see how useful and effective a tool our creative Industry is . America saw the light ,vision and long-term plan to use the Art and that’s exactly what they have done in movies etc .am,sure there is a fund to really help promote movies of national character .Gabby let’s ask ourselves whether we have such fund to project and define the role you asking in your write up  ” realize the important concept of moving Ghana Beyond Aid”.Two major things come into play  : The government refusal to protect the industry with the laws to stop the  flood gate of allowing our media and cultural heritage trampled upon by influx of foreign cultural and again making the Act 935 work effectively. The act which will bring about the national film authority and also effective film development fund which will help solve those deficiencies you raised, the resurrection of the 2004 cultural policy of Ghana that deals with all you enumerated “supremacy “.
Gabby you spoke about music which you said “by and large does not impactfully plug into a greater development agenda” . I am worried like you are because the country spent almost 2 billion old gh cedis to have a comprehensive study of the music sector in Ghana in 2012.KPMG was commissioned in the same year by musiga  (musician union of Ghana) ,I will get you the abridged final report to read if you request . A wonderful report which proposed wonderful brilliant recommendations .the report as of 2012, stated that music  contributed to the national   GDP 0.20% am sure by now other has raised to atleast 1%.
Am happy you have provoked the industry to work hard and harder to help change and up the game but please with all due respect kindly tell the president to really focus his attention on the creative Arts as Saudi Arabia, Malta, Brazil,china,India, south Korea, japan,America,and others have done .he should also make sure our ministry which was established in 2012 (creative arts attached to tourisim) to have good budget and creative art minded persons  to help deliver. We don’t need political footsoldiers to mann certain crucial areas. We need visionary leaders ,all inclusive and government attention to help us deliver.
Thanks Gabby Asare Otchere Darko.
BY: Kojo Preko Dankwa

Accra Mall incident: Let’s improve maintenance culture – Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo has said he’s “disturbed” about the incident that occurred at the Accra Mall Thursday, 11 October 2018.

Shopper ran helter skelter after the ceiling at the mall caved.

Three people reportedly sustained minor injuries with the Police and fire service officers being on hand to ensure order.

The caved roof at the GAME shop | Source: Josephine Asabea Akonor

President Akufo Addo who’s is currently in the US on official working visit in a tweet denounced the poor maintenance culture in the country, urging facility managers to “improve our maintenance culture.”


Planting for Food & Jobs: Agric Ministry imports maize seeds from Nigeria – Yamin

Former Deputy Minister of Sports, Joseph Yamin, has revealed that government through the Agric Ministry has imported maize seeds from neighboring Nigeria for the second planting season of government’s flagship program, planting for food and jobs.

According to Mr. Yamin, information available to him indicates that large quantities of maize seeds have been imported into the country and stored at a warehouse in Kumasi for distribution to beneficiaries of the program.

Although he is unable to tell when the seeds were imported into the country, he is of the view that the move could have been triggered by government’s inability to pay local producers their monies owed them since the inception of the program.

Speaking to Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM Tuesday, Mr. Yamin said “Last year when the NPP came into power, till now, the seeds that the agric ministry collected from the seed producers for their planting for food policy has not been paid for. So in the course of the program, I don’t know whether the agric ministry will come to tell us, the seeds have not yielded for them to pay back the producers or if it has yielded, then why haven’t they been paid?” he questioned.

He however questioned the rational behind the importation of maize seeds while the country is currently not in short of it.

“Today, there is no shortage of seeds for the planting in the country but we are reliably informed that the agric minister who haven’t paid the seed producers has imported seeds from Nigeria for the second planting season. Our checks also indicates that, there is a large farm in Kumasi which they have use as a warehouse to store the maize” he said.

The move by the ministry is an attempt to sidestep local seed producers and also collapse the local industry which will in effect render several others jobless, Mr. Yamin said.

He has therefore call on government to desist from such importation and also see to the payment of the monies they owe local seed producers.

By: Alex Semordzi

KOJO PREKO WRITES: Open letter to Mark Okraku Mantey

Dear Mark,

Kindly allow me space and time to also have my take on the issue of the building of an ULTRA MODERN RECORDING STUDIO which you believe should happen by the end of the 4 year rule of your party NPP.

Indeed you have been championing the building of this ultra modern studio since 2017; I remember at the 2nd Annual General meeting of GHAMRO at KNUST (27th July, 2017), you reiterated the dream of the establishment of the ultra modern studio.

Initially I was thinking the best news around where you were currently standing and making such promise was rather to assure the Collective Management Organization (GHAMRO) that their logging system as promised by your party’s manifesto will be fulfilled. Well…let me move on to the main reason why I decided to write to you.

I have listened, read and heard you talk on issues regarding the ultra modern studio because part of the 2.4 million cedis budget  is coming to creative Arts council and therefore you have seen the reason to buy land and build it.  This concern falls under what I term NEEDS AND WANTS. l am now sensing danger where it’s becoming more of WANTS rather than NEEDS. I am amazed that this your dream did not find its way into your party’s manifesto to equally have maximum attention from government.

Mark Okraku Mantey, I want to find out if the building of the studio was part of the 14 major points raised in the manifesto which is the main focus, agenda of your party. If it’s not part of it, why are you rushing to do it and continue to hammer and drum it in our heads as if it is one of the priorities /promises made to us by the NPP?

One of the points raised in your  manifesto is TO ESTABLISH A CREATIVE ARTS COUNCIL TO CORDINATE AND HARMONISE THE VARIOUS INTEREST AND FRAGMENTED ASSOCIATIONS INTO A WELL FUNCTIONG BODY TO PROTECT THE INTEREST OF MEMEBERS. Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey I’m tempted to believe that we need to focus on the mandate you were given (3 months though flouted and very bad) and don’t let your eyes off the ball.  l will be glad you and your team will follow the plan and the purpose of the creative art council.  Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey, I was surprised and wondering when I read in news one entertainment on Wednesday, 3rd October, 2018, with the caption –  CREATIVE ARTS COUNCIL GETS PART OF 2.4M BUDGET.


The story also said, there are discussions with the EXIM BANK to support other sectors of the industry with loans to execute their projects. I want to know in what capacity will you do /take such action and under which laws? I want to know if all stakeholders in the music sector were met to deliberate and agree to the establishment of the ultra modern studio.

I was amazed when you also stated during your interview with ANDY DOSTY which was still captured by news one entertainment said: “WE WILL TALK TO FILM AND FASHION SECTOR TO FIND OUT WHAT THEIR CHALLENGES ARE”. Meaning you do not even know their challenges since you took office as president of creative arts OR you’ve not met with them at all.

Mark, if so why would your own senior colleague in music sector, who is equally part of the creative arts for change, part of the inner caucus of the party on the creative arts industry Mr. Fred Kyei Mensah shoot down the idea and rather suggested the government should find ways and means to put in place policies that will help in the making of our songs and maximize our profits than building an ultra modern recording studio. This tells me the plan will breakdown.

I know you will say I am not an expert in the music industry so why would I write to you about it. But statements by other music engineers that the ultra modern studio should not be the priority for now is absolutely the fact.

Can we rather look at it this way; as University of Education and other institutions allowing the pursuance of music in general, the creative arts can fight for space like the brilliant move by MUSIGA and NAFTI, have Certificate, Diploma and Masters in sound engineering? With this we can have lots of people to enroll and make the engineering job credible, it will allow them to acquire the best of KNOWLEDGE and equip themselves.

The ultra modern recording studio again won’t be situated in the capital but in a different region for who to manage. We should make sure we do not kill already existing recording studios in the country which has recorded musicians and has worn awards, people from other countries come to record here including the same Nigerians and other folks, all the ever green songs were recorded here in Ghana by these same engineers.

I hope you consider my small idea in good faith. Leave a legacy by setting up the council and checking out for the council to elect its head, Secretary, PRO, director etc. Let’s focus on the creative Arts Bill which stakeholders need. I wonder if your team is up to date with the amendment of the Bill.


Yours faithfully

Kojo Preko Dankwa



Govt to employ 145k people – Oppong-Nkrumah

Information minister-designate Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah has said government has given the financial clearance for the recruitment of some 145,000 people in the public sector.

The move, he noted, is part of government’s efforts at providing jobs for Ghanaians.

“Financial Clearance has been given for over 145,000 jobs as part of efforts to provide economic opportunities for our people as promised,” Oppong-Nkrumah tweeted.

The breakdown of the jobs will include 100,000 graduates recruited to into the Nation Builders Corp, 24,033 health workers, 20,000 personnel for government’s afforestation programme and 9,572 educational workers.

Financial Clearance has been given for over 145,000 jobs as part of efforts to provide economic opportunities for our people as promised. I’ll give details at this morning’s press briefing @moigovgh
Other areas include agriculture where 2,700 will be engaged as Extension officers while almost 7,000 will go into the various security agencies.

Northerners consider Free SHS a Jihad – N/R NPP

The ruling New Patriotic Party in the Nothern Region has pleaded with Former President Mahama, to desist from making further disparaging comments about the Free Senior High School, saying that, Northerners cherish the policy and will launch a “Jihad” against anyone seeking to destroy it.

The Former President Mahama during his recent tour of the region mocked the implantation of the policy and appeared to cast doubt on its sustainability, saying the policy would be reformed by the next NDC government.

In response, the Regional Director of the party, Mohamed Issah, at a press conference Monday, said Mr. Mahama should stop being greedy and allow his northern brothers to also enjoy free education like he had.

“Mr. Former president, we the people of the North would like to plead, that you desist from commenting in the manner you did recently on the Free Senior High School Policy is being implemented”, Issah read from a prepared speech, added that they all saw how the former president managed the education system under rule.

“We saw how you implemented your own ‘FSHS’ before the 2016 polls. We saw how GH38.00 was paid for each student who is mandated to pay sometimes up to GH1,000.00 per year. We saw how our children spent time at home while their counterparts in other parts of the country studied in classrooms. We saw how students from this part of the country were asked to go home because of unpaid feeding grants by your then incompetent government”, he said.

Adding, “we are not ready to get back to those days. We are told how you were moved from the Southern part back to the Northern part of the country, just to enjoy Free Education. Please allow us to enjoy the same privilage as you did. We consider the Free SHS policy as a “Jihad” to us as Northerners”.

The party is also asking Mr. Mahama to apologize for also raising false concerns that projects he started had been stopped by the NPP government. Addressing journalists at the party regional headquarters, the Regional Director said Mahama must apologize unconditionally for “his recklessness by selecting wrong gears that reversed the economic progress of the region”.

He responded again that all the said projects were stopped while the NDC was still in power and described the comment as one of “the truck full of lies and propaganda” Mahama peddled through his tour of the region.

By: Tanko

Sue if you feel aggrieved by your suspension – Obiri Boahen to Tempane SHS Headmaster

Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Obiri Boahen, has advised suspended Headmaster of Tempane Senior High School in the Upper East Region, Dominic Ndegu Amolale to seek redress in court if he feels aggrieved by the decision.

Mr. Amolale was suspended following a viral video in which an aspiring National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Akamba, was seen inciting some students against President Akufo-Addo and the NPP government over the challenges facing the implementation of the free SHS policy.

According to Obiri Boahen, it will be out of place for anyone to call for the immediate reinstatement of the embattled Headmaster after the Ghana Education Service had stated that the latter flouted the rules and regulations of the service.

“He didn’t do well. He has flouted the Ghana Education Service rules and regulation. Not those who say they want the reinstatement of the headmaster. They can go to court. The headmaster who has been suspended, it is a personal action, this is not an action is realm” he told Accra based Citi Fm.

He added that, persons calling for his [Headmaster] reinstatement are only doing so to score political points and that such things must not be entertained.

“So some individuals who want to advertise themselves that, every single day they want people to hear that they are Oga or something. The headmaster himself as an individual has been suspended; he can seek redress in court but not some group of people sitting somewhere calling immediate reinstatement of the headmaster” he added.

Meanwhile former president John Mahama has bemoaned the suspension of the headmaster, describing it as intolerant by the NPP government.

“Who went into schools more than somebody? We were in government and there was somebody he was always in the schools and playing politics and yet we never sacked any headmaster, we never sacked any teacher because you have gone into a school. Then one of our aspirants for a certain position goes to a school and the students show him how bedbugs have chewed them and had a discourse with them. Then you suspend the headmaster and you say he should handover and you are investigating him. Investigating him for what?” he said when addressing delegates and supporters of the main opposition National Democratic Congress at the Wa campus of the university for development studies (UDS).

By: Alex Semordzi

Blame Akoto Osei’s attack on “weak systems” – Adjei-Darko

Former Minister of Local Government under the erstwhile Kufour’s administration, Kwadwo Adjei Darko has blamed the recent attack on Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation by angry members of vigilante group, Delta force in the Ashanti Region on what he calls “weak systems”.

According to the former minister, it will be proper if Parliament would enact laws that takes care of how a civil servant such as District Chief Executives (DCEs), Members of Parliament (MPs) can be removed from office by the involvement of the electorates over his/her failure to remain accountable to the people.

There was heavy tension at Tafo-Pankrono Constituency in the Ashanti Region over the weekend when aggrieved members of the Pro-NPP vigilante group, Delta force, stormed a meeting organised by the party executives to demand answers of failed promises and neglect from their MP.

Although reports has it that Dr. Osei wasn’t physically assaulted, members of the group accused him of unfulfilled promises made to them in the lead up to the 2016 general elections.

However speaking to Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM, Mr. Adjei-Darko said the absences of a legislation to regulate the activities of vigilante groups and also laws that guide the removal from office civil servant whose conduct is seen as reprehensible contributed to “weak systems”.

“All of this can be solved if we have a system that helps. A system which ensures that, I am accountable to the people whether it’s a DCE, MP or even a minister. The president knows he is accountable to the people that is why in spite of his busy schedules, he still makes time to tour parts of the country to interact with the people. When he is called for a function he goes because he won’t sit in the Jubilee house for four years.

“So if you are an MP or a Minister and the system is such that you are accountable to the people while doing your work in Accra, it will make you think about your future and also do the work well” he added.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the party in the constituency said the Delta Force team members were not after the MP.

“I want to state that indeed some faceless people came to cause mayhem and disturbed our meeting with our MP Hon. Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, but the target was not on our Honorable Member of Parliament but some of our Constituency executive members,” a statement signed by the NPP’s Communication Officer for Tafo Pankrono constituency, Moah Gregory stated.

The statement further condemned the act by the Delta Force team describing it as “unwarranted and reckless”

“We therefore call all our executives of the constituency and the entire NPP fraternity in the country to remain calm as the executives are meeting to bring a lasting solution to it,” the statement added.]

By: Alex Semordzi