Here’s How Sister Derby’s Manager and Friends Reacted When Medikal Tweeted That He Was Not Going to Marry

Celeb couple, Medikal and Sister Derby in a recent interview gave a peek into their relationship.

Talking about their age difference, Sister Derby revealed she was concerned when the two started talking but Medikal assured her that it was not a problem.

“In the beginning, it mattered to me but when we started talking more he assured me that he was not worried about it. So far, in this relationship I don’t worry about it.”

The AMG Beyond Control boss, Medikal explaining his recent tweet which stated that he was not going to marry said it was a meant to be a joke but many misunderstood him.

“I said I might not get married. I was just kidding. It was just one of those things. Because sometimes when you love each other things find a way to work out. People can get married and get divorced but what I said was one of those things. It wasn't for hype, it was just a joke.”

Shortly after the tweet went viral, three of Sister Derby’s friends including her manager reached out to Derby for clarification and that might have contributed to the rapper deleting the tweet.

“I had like three text.' Derby disclosed. One from my manager and two from friends and they were asking why he tweeted that.”