It is costly to run a church – Pastor Brian Amoateng

President of Brian Jones Outreach Ministries, Pastor Brian Amoateng has said operating a church costs so much.

According to him, most Pastors spend so much with regards to the 

Pastor Brian told Hitz Fm’s Andy Dosty, most men of God use tithes to run the church.

Quoting Malachi 3:10, the Man of God explained that God the principle to become rich is by paying tithe and not through prayer.

“It is very very costly and expensive to run a church. Although we say bring all your tithe and offering, in Malachi it says bring all your tithes and offerings to God. It’s obvious your Pastor represents God. Let me be subjective and use my church as an example, we have a lot of bills to pay, these tithes help pay our bills. We pay some instrumentalist with the tithes and run other things in the church with this same tithes. A lot of people think pastors take tithes money to enrich themselves, buy cars but what you have to understand is that running a church is so costly and expensive,” he said.

Pastor Brian further stated that the tithes are meant for pastors and are accountable to God.

“Malachi 3:10 says bring the tithe and offering into the storehouse. Once you bring it into the storehouse…. whatever the man of God uses it to do is between him and his God.” He added

Reacting to issues regarding taxing churches, Pastor Brian said it is good since those monies would be used for something meaningful.

“If we use taxes to do some infrastructure in this country, it’s not a bad idea for government to tax churches. I think that if every Christian is part of Ghana and you’re to make Ghana a better place, it’s not a bad idea to pay tax.”

Brain Amoateng is hosting iYes Youth Conference 22nd to 24th August, 2018 a the National Theater.

As one of the end-time ministry gifts to the body of Christ, Pastor Brian is positioned as a strong and forthright preacher with a unique prophetic ministry. He is a well sought after conference speaker who travels the globe.

Pastor Brian is the Chairman of Brian Jones Charity Foundation and also serves as the Chief Executive of 424 Group of Companies.