My Spiritual Fathers were strongly opposed to my marriage to a Chief – Gifty Anti

TV personality and Broadcast Journalist, Oheneyire Gifty Anti has revealed that her spiritual fathers were vehemently opposed to her marrying a Traditional ruler.

According to the celebrated media personality, though her pastors were very happy that she was eventually getting married at her ripe age, their thought of her having to go through certain traditional rites as a wife of a chief which they considered unchristian made them very uncomfortable about the marriage.

Gifty Anti who’s now known as Awo Dansoa, tied the knot with Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Chief of Adumasa in the Akwamu Traditional Area and a Presenter of Joy FM/Multi TV on October 15, 2015 and have been blessed with a daughter.

Her wedding was said to be arguably the most expensive and extravagant wedding in 2015.

The couple had a stunning floral theme at their serene Aburi venue with superfluous ambience. The reception came complete with a custom designed 10-metre truss structure positioned behind the bridal table featuring snow like flowers in white color.

In a rare interview between two media personalities couple where Gifty Anti was interview by her husband on his PM Express show on Multi TV, Gifty noted that after her pastors initial opposition to her marriage, they eventually okayed it because they believed God had good reasons for that union.

“…We’ve all prayed for you to marry so if God says you should go… and I remember one of them Apostle Dr. Donkor saying that remember Esther. That’s all he said to me…maybe you have a role to play in there, we need to pray. Especially the slaughtering of a sheet on my feet, my uncle was also not happy. He fought and fought and said no way, you’re not going to do that to my daughter. But the Akwamu Elders spoke to him and explained that it’s not anything bad, he should see it as being sanctified by the blood of Jesus and it’s just something symbolic to show that you’re being taken from quote and unquote the ordinary to royalty.

“There are still some of my spiritual father who are still not comfortable, but they’re all coming home. At least they know that she’s happy, she has a child, her husband seems to be proud of her and so far we have’t heard anything scandalous happening to her. I told them that since I got married to the Chief, instead of schnapps and all that, he puts Bible under his seat, so we’re getting him there. Maybe one day we’ll have a Chief preaching.”