Shatta Wale Blasts Yaa Pono Again

On Thursday night, Shatta Wale was on Happy FM’s Happy Chatroom with DJ Advicer for his ongoing media run for The Reign album and jabbed his arch rival Yaa Pono.

Predictably, the conversation shifted to Wale’s controversial ways and beef with 'Master' hitmaker Yaa Pono.


Answering a question whether he will ever feature Ponobiom on a record, Shatta said;


“If he can afford it why not. This thing is business but artists like Yaa Pono see the music thing as something else.


“You know I had a problem with him but I want him to learn something because if you say you are an artist and you have beef with another person then you should know how to feed people with the beef because beef is food. If you want to beef me then you should also study me.


“I’m a very serious person and people sometimes think its medicine but I make you think about me all the time. If he needs a song with me then he has to pay. He doesn’t know what he is doing even though he is a good artist.


“He disrespected me and some of these boys are not boys Ghana should be looking up to. They are not artists that have the vision that I have. Most of these Ghanaian artists should know if they try to fight me, they will all fall. Everyone is fighting me in the industry. I want people to know the God is looking after me.


"People should be humble and come so we learn together. It’s been long since Yaa Pono made a hit and people keep asking when he is releasing a hit. The hit he created will not go far. He should come and we will write a hit for him.”

The Reign album will premiere on October 13 at the Fantasy Dome (Trade Fair). isshak