Shatta Wale Details Why Kwesi Arthur is Making Hits Now

Shatta Wale in a latest interview has commended Ground UP act Kwesi Arthur on his pen game and vocal abilities.

The ‘Gringo’ hitmaker talking about why he created certain songs revealed he aimed for not just trends but what the masses was vibing to at the time he was making his record.

Shatta then pointed to the success of BET Awards nominee Kwesi Arthur as an example of an artist who understood trends and creating music people want to vibe to.

“This thing is business and so no one should take it personal. If you take it personal, you are going to go down. There’s Kwesi Arthur coming. If you are a rapper and you are not doing it like Kwesi Arthur then you will fade soon. I like him a lot just like Future, if you don’t do it like Kwesi Arthur and the rest do it you are going to start complaining like Snoop Dogg.

“They claim rappers are now singing and mumbling but if you cannot mumble then why don’t you stop. Music is about trends and you have to adjust to trends to stay trendy.

Shatta Wale is currently on a media run to detail what went into creating ‘The Reign’ album which is scheduled to premiere on October 13 at the Fantasy Dome in Trade Fair.