Scam rocks NSS after registration of teachers on study leave

The 2018 year graduates group of University of Education Winneba Kumasi campus English class, has accused management of National Service secretariat (NSS) and management of University of Education Winneba Kumasi campus management of using their names and index numbers for fraud.

The group made up of 76 teachers who just completed their study leave in the university complain they never registered for national service however, their names and index numbers have been captured in the national service system which has been used by unknown people to do their service.

Speaking in an interview with Ultimate FM’s Isaac Justice Bediako, the group accused the national service secretariat and management of University of Education Winneba Kumasi Campus of being behind the scam.

“Look my brother we are teachers with over 15 years’ experience in the teaching profession. We did our national service after training college education therefore, we don’t qualify to do service again, and therefore we did not worry ourselves to register again because we are teachers on study leave. We are highly disappointed to note people are using our index numbers and our names to do service’’ he lamented.

According to the group several attempt to compel managers of the National Service Scheme to act on the matter has been unsuccessful.

“When we realised people are using our details for their national service, we reported the matter first to the national service secretariat office in Kumasi and later informed minister of Education Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, Opoku Mensah Ashanti regional manager and Dr. Kingsly Nyarko board member of national service secretariat hoping that they will do something about it but we are yet to hear anything from them. For this reason we surely believe they are behind this scam” the group alleged.

The group revealed that, those using their detail to do national service are all working in the northern regions.

“We manage to speak to a number of the those impersonators using our details to secure national service job and their told us they registered through agents whom they paid an amount four and five hundred Ghana cedis for the registration but when they realised we were trucking them they have deactivated their mobile phone numbers’’ he noted.

Meanwhile Manager of the Ashanti regional branch of national service secretariat Mr. Opuku Mensah confirmed they have detected the fraud in the system and blame the development on the administration of the Winneba Kumasi campus.

“I think we should rather investigate the Winneba Kumasi campus for this scam, how did people get their index number and names of teachers on study leave to register for the national service?. I suspect insider from the school’s administration is behind this case. I can’t speak to you on record but am assuring you that this case will be investigated. In our next management level meeting that will be the agenda on the table. I will direct my secretary to write to national headquarters on the development’’ he assured.

Akufo-Addo commissions NaBCo beneficiaries today

The ceremony is expected to take place at the Independence square in Accra with some 100,000 beneficiaries passing out to begin work as government moves to tackle the unemployment situation among the youth.

According to the Information Minister designate Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, the organisers of the NaBCo programme do not want to burden all the beneficiaries with coming to the capital so the rest will be outdoored elsewhere.

On 1st May 2018, President Akufo-Addo, launched the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), where over 100,000 young men and women will assist in the public sector service delivery needs of Ghana.

NABCO’s central focus, the President said, would be to create employment avenues and opportunities for young people who hold diplomas or degrees from accredited tertiary institutions, adding that “NABCO will enhance the dignity and self-esteem of our graduates, and will also present them with the added benefit of efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of some essential public services.”

President Akufo-Addo was confident that by the time NABCO trainees exit the scheme, which is for a 3-year period, “the requisite work readiness skills and experience, often deemed a barrier to their employment as fresh graduates, would have been resolved.”

E/R :Three die in Oboho accident

Three persons have died after a Truck carrying lumber was involved in a fatal accident at Oboho a community near Anum Apapam in the Eastern Region.

The bodies of the deceased persons have been deposited at the Suhum Government Hospital while the two others in critical condition admitted at the same hospital.

The accident occurred Tuesday October 16,2018.

According to the Ayensuano District Director of the National Disaster Management Organization, Joseph Okai Gyan, the Truck loaded with lumber failed break while descending a hill and crashed into a ditch killing three out of the five passengers who were onboard.

He said the driver identified as Yakubu Lawah,was part of the deceased persons.

Latest statistics from the Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) indicate a total of 293 died through road crashes between January and September 2018 in the Eastern region.

This is against 270 recorded same period in 2017.

Also, a total of 1,615 were injured during the same period in 2018 as compared to 1,515 recorded in 2017.

To this end, the MTTD says it is gathering stakeholders’ inputs and commitments to help tackle the alarming spate of road accidents in the region.

The Eastern Regional MTTD Commanding Officer, Chief Superintendent Prince Jude Cobbinah explained tbat within the past three months, 69 persons have died through accident on the road.

Last Saturday, a Science Teacher with Mangoase Senior High School ,Kofi Kyei died when the School bus crashed while embarking on Educational trip.56 students were also injured.

By: Kojo Ansah

Farmers demand for proper compensation from Newmont

Farmers whose activities have been affected by the mining operations of Newmont Akyem Mines, have petitioned the company, demanding for a roundtable discussions to enable them renegotiate properly for their source of livelihood that have taken away from them.

The farmers, under the umbrella name, Newmont Akyem Affected Farmers Association (NAAFA), in their petition dated October 16, 2018, and signed by their National Chairman, Ntiamoah Denkyira and eight others, claims that their farm lands which were their only source of income had been taken away of which no adequate compensation has been made to them.

Their meeting with the mining company, they noted, will enable them to negotiate properly for adequate compensation for their loss of livelihood.

The farmers also want Newmont Akyem Mines to renovate all their buildings that have received series of cracks and others demolished due to the constant blasting by the company.

Further to that, they want the mining company to restrain itself from allegedly manipulating or influencing some of their leaders to intervene on their behalf anytime the association raises such matters or declares its intent to demonstrate against them for “cheating and negative effects of the company’s activities of the farmers”.

They have in effect, giving the mining company seven working days to respond to their petition or risk facing an “unending demonstration” which will be very difficult to control by the Police.

Transparent Engagement

But Newmont in press statement also issued the same day said they are committed to transparently engaging with local communities to improve lives and collaboratively identifying solutions to mitigate impacts from its operations.

The company said the demands by the farmers have been heard but appealed to them to allow the legal process to run its course following earlier mediation efforts.

Don’t politicize CTN – Group to Ghanaians

A pressure group, COALITION FOR TRANSPARENCY AT PORTS AND HARBOURS has waded into the controversial Cargo Tracking Note system issue which implementation started on Monday, October,15, 2018 saying the CTN policy is the sure way to securing the country’s economy.

The group expressed their appreciation to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the government of Ghana for taking a bold step in rolling out CTN policy.

A statement by the coalition said:” As a group, we will admonish that CTN is not politicized…we have assessed and weighed the Objectives of CTN and strongly believe it will be a mistake for Ghana or Ghanaians not to support the GRA or State with regards to the implementation.”

It continued: “What the CTN stands for in Ghana is a secured supply chain, theft prevention, reduction in insurance, faster clearance of goods, less screening, less documentation, better risk proofing and it also represents a proactive anti-terrorism paradigm.”

The implementation started at the sea ports on Monday, 15 October 2018, despite a suit challenging its implementation.

Per the policy, importers whose imports, from records exceed thirty-six (36) Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) per year will be required to obtain a CTN Number in the country of export.

“This means, any importer who imports less than 36 TEUs per year is exempted from CTN-compliance. Further, businesses that import more than 36 TEUs per year but can demonstrate that the nature of their imports and their turnovers make them small importers, will be exempted,” the notice said.

Below is the full statement:

We as a group have been rooting for the implementation of CTN for a very long time, and would like to use this medium to express our appreciation to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the government of Ghana for the bold step taken to roll out this policy (pilot stage).

We also thank all the major stakeholders GUTA, GIFF, FFIA etc..for their immense contribution in shaping the implementation process with regards to all their concerns raised which were duly acknowledged. Ghana is the winner!!

Now, what is CTN and what is CTN bringing to Ghana as a whole?
We in CTPH believe that our quest to champion the implementation of CTN in Ghana offers us a major role in disseminating the right information, educating Ghanaians as a whole and ensuring the whole process (CTN) is well understood. CTN we believe is the solution, and we shall take our time to give Ghanaians vivid and concrete reasons with explanations to support our stand and why CTN should be embraced by every Ghanaian.

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) or the ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note), introduced worldwide in 2001 following the infamous September 11th attacks on the USA, serving as a means of improving security around maritime shipments, is an advanced notification in order to improve the security of the supply chain. Simply put, CTN is a system for collecting documents and processing information when importing/exporting by sea in order to obtain prior information to participate in security measures, resources planification, statistics, and more generally in order to participate in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Customs Organization (WCO) recommendations on trade facilitation and security.

Furthermore, in accordance with the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards for international cooperation between its member states for security of ships and port facilities, the “ISPS” code was introduced and is now of global maritime security policies. Ghana is a member of the aforementioned organization after joining it in 1959 and binded by every directive as well.

The second obligation of the new provision implies on the part of each signatory countries; that in the context of international maritime cooperation, which consists of organizing data, processing on all shipments and all vessels departing to a final destination. This is where the CTN comes in. At the destination, the CTN is used to initiate an analysis of the cargo, define a security level for vessels prior to their arrival, increase the protection of ports against terror attack and be able to improve the Customs valuation of the goods and freight.

As a group, we have assessed and weighed the Objectives of CTN and strongly believe it will be a mistake for Ghana or Ghanaians not to support the GRA or State with regards to the implementation.
Below are some of the Objectives of CTN for your perusal

1. CTN is to improve the security and safety of supply chain and help Customs see a detailed profile of products we are bringing in as a country.

2. The CTN is in fact a very useful instrument now that we are in a terrorist regime as there is crisis all over the world today. Though Ghana hasn’t yet come under any attack like our neighbouring countries Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Burkina etc, we cannot afford to ignore anything that will enhance maritime security and beyond maritime, we have to seriously take a cursory look at supply chain security. CTN will help us know the *origin* and *destination* of cargoes and help us know our enemies. Our enemies may be far away and stockpiling, with the CTN, we will be able to fish out these anomalies.

3. CTN will reduce the entire time spent along the supply chain and this also reduces the hassle that various stakeholders have to pass through. Even anxiety can be a big problem by causing a lot of delay but if we can attain a level of accuracy to predict by having a profile of every shipment, it expedites the way we handle things and the process enhances the turnover which brings immense benefits in business in general terms.

With the above mentioned, there are more benefits with regards to CTN which we shall address in the days ahead with a press conference to affirm our stand on why every Ghanaian has to rally behind the State to make CTN a success. Some of the benefits of the CTN are as follows:
1. Asset Tracking
2. On Board Status monitoring,
3. Gateway Facilitation,
4.Freight Status information,
5.Network Status information,
6. Fight against the import of illegal, fake or cheap products
7. Fight against under invoicing, under valuation
8. Fairness and equity in import/export duty charges
9. Increase Government revenue in terms of Import duty charges as realistic taxes will be accrued by the state
10. A safe and secured import system in Ghana

As a group, we will admonish that CTN is not politicized because it is a critical step in securing Ghana’s economy. We also advocate for continuous engagement with critical stakeholders in the industry as this remains crucial to the overall success of this noble initiative.

What the CTN stands for in Ghana is a secured supply chain, theft prevention, reduction in insurance, faster clearance of goods, less screening, less documentation, better risk proofing and it also represents a proactive anti-terrorism paradigm. In a nutshell, the CTN brings all the critical stakeholders to check. This is what Ghana needs, Ghana will succeed. CTN Akwaaba!!




I am being impersonated by some unknown people on Facebook; Dr. Wask warns

The Chief Executive Officer of Wask Group of Companies Dr. Williams S.K. Anarfi popularly called Dr. Wask has reported to the police to arrest the impersonator(s) using his name and images to dupe unsuspecting women on Facebook.

According to Dr. Wask, his attention has been drawn to numerous Facebook accounts created by the impersonator(s) who poses as a widower, befriends women on Facebook, propose to them and start a relationship although they have never met.

He said after the women have fallen madly in love, the impersonator later demands a very huge amount of money to cater for his son’s medical bills.

He said lots of women have fallen victim to these fraudulent acts where millions of cedis have been given out.

“My life is at risk because almost all my pictures on Facebook are being used by this impersonator. I was almost attacked by an angry woman last week because the impersonator promised her marriage and also took 20,000 cedis from her.

Now the situation is getting out of hands and so I have reported the matter to the police”, he said worryingly.

Kindly find below messages from an angry woman who has been defrauded and some of the Facebook accounts created by the impersonator:



Below is a disclaimer by Dr. Wask:




It has come to my notice that some unscrupulous individuals are using my name including images of me with the intention to defraud and or make  misrepresentations that are likely to defraud unsuspecting persons or individuals. I have read with great concern some of the social media endeavours and manoeuvres of these fraudsters and I condemn same.

I wish to state unequivocally and put the general public on notice, which I hereby do, that no person whosoever named has my consent, permission and or authority to speak on my behalf as such person are not my agents, servants, privies, workmen and all messages or representations from them must be ignored or reported to the Police.

I shall not be responsible or liable for any loss that may be occasioned by dealing with such fraudulent characters on any social media platform or whatever it may occur.

 Please be advised.





Police caution public against accommodation fraudsters

The Greater Accra Regional Police is cautioning the public against suspicious accommodation fraudsters in the estate industry.

They have, thus, advised prospective tenants to do due diligence and conduct thorough checks on interested apartments before committing themselves financially.

They also want prospective tenants to further demand for photographs and other national identification documents during payments to aid the Police investigation such frauds when they occur.

In a statement signed by the Head, Public Affairs Unit, Greater Accra Region, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Effia Tenge, and released on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, the men and women in black uniform said the influx and continuous activities of some accommodation rental fraudsters in the system is worrying, urging the public to be extra careful against such schemes.

“This type of fraud usually targets prospective tenants, mostly those in desperate need of accommodation; and it is usually perpetrated by two or more suspects, one of whom poses as the landlord and the other accomplice (s) as estate agent(s). The supposed landlord is always met in the said apartment upon several visits by the prospective tenant and the agent. After a successful agreement is reached between the two parties and payments, the syndicate absconds, leaving the tenant in limbo”, she explained.

The Police worried about this phenomenon, says anyone with information on suspicious accommodation fraudsters should kindly report to the nearest Police Station.


E/R: 293 die in road crashes; 1,600 injured in 2018

Latest statistics from the Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) indicate a total of 293 died through road crashes between January and September 2018 in the Eastern region.

This is against 270 recorded same period in 2017.

Also, a total of 1,615 were injured during the same period in 2018 as compared to 1,515 recorded in 2017.

To this end, the MTTD has gathered stakeholders’ inputs and commitments to help tackle the alarming spate of road accidents in the region.

He said this while providing update on the Mangoase Senior High School Bus accident which claimed the life of a science teacher identified as Kofi Kyei Adu alias Koo Kyei and injured 56 students.

According to him, preliminary Police investigations revealed that the driver of the School Bus with registration number, GV 1953 – 14, Ebenezer Dankwah had a brake failure while descending a stiff curved slope at Ashitey community stretch of the Otekporlu to Odumase road.

He said most of the students who sustained injuries and admitted at Atua Government Hospital and St. Martins De Porres have been discharged while seven have been referred to the Eastern Regional Hospital.

By: Ansah

E/R: Five demonstrators shot at Abirem

Five persons have sustained gun shot wounds at Abirem in the Birim North District of the Eastern region after the Police fired at demonstrators who were protesting against mining giant, Newmont Ghana.

Mr Ofosu Ntiamoah Denkyire Head of the Communities affected told Kasapa FM that the incensed residents were protesting over some lands they claim have been illegally possessed by the mining company without the mining giant compensating them.

Some of the severely injured persons have been transferred to the Koforidua Hospital while the rest have been rushed to nearby clinics.

The Police has not been available to speak on the incident.


GHS 459m sunk into free SHS – Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has disclosed that about GHS 459 million has so far been spent on the government’s flagship education programme- Free SHS.

According to him, the expenditure is to afford all school going children the opportunity to have free senior high education.

Speaking at the launch of the oil and gas licensing round 2018, at the Kempinski Hotel, Accra, Nana Akufo-Addo said the government is committed to investing the country’s oil revenue into areas that will safeguard the future.

“Investing in our children and in the future of our country is the most appropriate investment any Government can make, and we are fully committed to continuing on this path.”

The President stressed that: “Free SHS is ensuring that our oil revenues are being equitably distributed to our people, and not ending up in the pockets of a few. The most important resource of any nation is its people.”

President Akufo-Addo noted that the countries that have benefited immensely from their oil and gas resources are those that implemented policies to accelerate value addition activities in their economies, through the development of forward and backward linkages, and by investing oil revenues in strategic social and economic programmes.